Monday, 2 February 2009

Two posts in one day!

In response to candy's question about lighterlife, ive been thinking very hard about this especially as the wedding total for this year has gone up from three to four! im not going to be able to get away with wearing the two outfits I wore last year and im going to have to buy something new, aswell as the dreaded wedding abroad.

I have decided that Lighterlife is just too expensive £66 per week plus keeping my husband in food, and buying the non food products will push our shopping bill to approx £100ish per week! so Im thinking about the Cambridge diet or returning to the shame that is Slimming World, if I do Slimming World this time, it will be only for me, not to keep, mum, dad, husband, friends off my back/ fit in my wedding dress etc etc all those other reasons it will be for me (partly because of the weddings etc) but its still my own reason which means there should be less pressure and I can set my own pace.

I am leaning towards Slimming World as the thought of not actually having food pass my lips is one I dread, but im going to keep thinking about it while eating healthier and getting more exercise, I have recently took advice from Stephen Fry!!!! random I know! and started walking with an audio book (although I don't think today's planned session will go ahead, im not that dedicated!)

Thank you for asking I will keep you posted.

me x


  1. Slimming world is great, esp with the new plan that lets you have as much red and green free food. It's certainly easier to lose weight when its for you and not to please others, i've had so many failed attempts when doing it because someone else said i should.
    If you join slimmingworld we could be diet buddies,

  2. Hey

    I tried Cambridge Diet ( pretty much the same as LL) at £36 a week. It really works hun.

    I sincerely hope you are well