Thursday, 12 February 2009

Love Buns

Ive got to make some cupcakes for a friends little girls birthday this weekend, so I thought as it was valentines I might adapt Nigella's love bun recipe as the icing on top of them looks yummy and marshmallowy! though I doubt they are going to look anywhere near as good as Nigellas! just scouring the Internet looking for some heart sprinkles and teapot cake toppers (i think she is taking her tea party theme literally bless her.

Baking is really therapeutic for me I love just getting lost in the task of making something yummy and then seeing the joy on peoples face when you give it away. Its just a shame that im staying with my parents at the moment so I cant do a lot of baking and I dont have all my tools and gadgets with me.

Im off now to get on with some work (read search the net for glitter and sprinkles!) ill try and post a picture if they are a success!

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