Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Monday Morning Blues on a Tuesday

My lovely little sister was home this weekend so we spent a nice Sunday having lunch etc, so for a change I actually enjoyed my weekend! just a shame it had to end, im feeling very mondyish today(not great considering its Tuesday) I think I said in a previous post that I like my job but in view of recent life changing events do not see myself doing it for the next thirty five years.

Quite a large part of my time has been spent mulling over what im good at and im afraid the outlook is not good! I was never very academic at school, I needed things explaining to me too many times and the teachers just didn't have time for me! the careers advisor advised there was no hope of me doing A levels or a degree so Apprenticeship was my best option so I compromised and did a BETC in Business and Finance which I passed with a distinction. Since college I have done admin/ customer service type roles and now work in community development.

So what am I good at...............
I love to cook, especially baking.
I have quite a caring nature.
My telephone manner is good.

And that's about it the total sum of what I have got going for me!

So what do I do, I never planned a career for myself, partly because I was not exactly encouraged at school but mainly because I saw jobs and as way of earning money and always thought that I would have a husband and children to look after and just do a part time job in the evenings to earn extra money. So now that's not going to happen what do I do with myself, my list of skills is not exactly endless! but I do need to change what I do.

I don't have money to set up my own business and if I re-train it will need to be at night because I cant afford not to be earning, my current job doesn't allow me to train at night as I have a high workload and attend a lot of evening meetings.

I have never had so many unanswered questions in my life and I don't know where to start!

me x

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