Friday, 30 January 2009

Doctors update!

God its hardwork sometimes getting a straight answer from a doctor although I have to say the one I have seen today is better than most!

I have got another Implanon ironically the only thing that would really sort me out is to have a baby! makes you laugh doesnt it! so ive got a bloomin sore arm and hopefully in a week or so a return to normal (well not normal because my periods will stop) but more normal than whats currently going on.

So thats it for me ive got a weekend at the laptop catching up on some work while the husband knocks down walls, joy!

me x


  1. I had mine removed about 5 months ago and it was the best thing i did, although its only recently that everything is back to normal, although i have no idea if i'm ovulating, i'm to scared to check to be honest. I never have much luck with my dr to be honest, everything gets put down to weight but he isn't willing to do anything but prescribe nasty pills.

  2. Hello there Twirly. Know what you mean about some doctors, I think if mine spoke to me in Swahili sometimes it'd make more sense. However, I've also had some fab ones in my time so don't want to tar them all with the same brush!!

    Have you decided anything about lighter life? Loads of people i know seem to be giving it a try at the moment but they're really mixed opinions so sorry can't give you anything concrete to advise you!

    Hope your arm's feeling better and that the wall knocking down is successful.