Tuesday, 13 January 2009

To lighter life or not to lighter life.........that is the question??

Well as the title of my blog would suggest I am more than a little overweight! and as I have three weddings to attend this year - one of which is in a far off distant sunny glamorous land!! I need to lose weight and fast. Now in the past I have had some success with Slimming World but fell of the wagon so find myself at square one. I saw Lawrence Llewellyn Bowen's wife on GMTV this morning talking about her lighter life success and its got me wondering.

Now I do not intend to ever be slim, I am who I am Ive tried to be "Normal" in the past! but everyone Else's idea of normal is not for me. I don't want to be a size 10 I never have been - well not since I was ten anyway! and never will be. I was happy at a size 18. I hear some of you thinking "size 18 that's massive! she must be a real heifer" well yes I am and no I do not consider a size 18 to be massive, my current size 32 is what I call massive. At a size 18 I was happy with myself, happy to be able to shop in ok not all the shops but most of them while still having the womanly curves I was used to. However everyone else in my life had very different ideas and were mortified that I was beginning to maintain that size and bullied me into beliving that it is as my best interests to be thinner. So 3 months later and another stone lost the pressure got too much and I cracked, piling all of the many stones I had lost back on!

So my dilemma, do I endure 100 days of lighter life at £66 per week and no real food passing my lips just meal plans in the hope of losing five stone to set me up on my own, while hopefully addressing the food issues I have got with the weekly counselling sessions or do I bite the bullet, swallow my shame and sign back up to a slimming world classes, get back on the wagon and start the long lengthy process all over again.

No matter which I choose my target size is an 18 and im sticking to that, if anyone is reading this what do you think? all thoughts appreciated.


  1. Hello there!!

    I just wanted to let you know that I know how you feel!
    I was a size 24 2 years ago, unfortunatly for me I took the easy way out and had a gastric band fitted. I say unfortunatly because although I am now a size 16 the band has caused many problems and I continually see my weight fluctuate between 14 and 16 stone!
    I would say that if you had success with slimming world then go back to that but don't let peoples comments get to you.

    love Twirly xxx

  2. if you are happy to be a size 18, then go for that target, ignore what other people say, it is you that counts and its your body so dont let people bully you into something your not, unless people have been in your shoes they have no idea what its like.
    hope you have decided what to go for, and good luck on your journey