Thursday, 29 January 2009

Do I get the chance to have a baby?

It seems I only bother to post when I have got a dilemma but there you go it helps me think it all through if I'm typing as I think.

We have previously established that I am overweight, but here's the thing everything that goes on in my life is blamed on my weight. I had a contraceptive implant put in five years ago, I have just had my second one removed as I am getting to the age where I'm thinking of starting a family.

So here's my issue prior to the implant I was regular as clockwork very easy simple no issues every month. Since having the implant taken out - no ovulation, constant bleeding, major pains. Apparently it is nothing to do with the implant and is purely down to my weight. How can that be I was overweight before I had the implant but had no issues and now despite being totally worn out with it all the only option for me is another implant or constant bleeding, even though I want a baby.

So I am losing weight slowly, if it is my weight then it is being addressed, but in the meantime I've just got to get on with it with no hope of starting a family. Other large women have babies all the time, so why are my issues being blamed solely on my weight and what happens if I lose weight and the issues are still there but I'm two more years down the line???????

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